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The Eight Business and Security Benefits of Zero Trust

How to Transform Security by Zero Trust

Transforming security is a must for every business. The perimeter-based security has been rendered irrelevant in an era of broad adoption of SaaS applications, migration to cloud-based architectures, a growing number of remote users, and an influx of BYOD devices. Overwhelmed IT teams, an ever-increasing operational complexity and frequent software updates seem to invite cyber criminals formally to attack nearly any organization.

However, how to transform your Security with Zero Trust?

In our webcast you will learn how to improve network visibility, breach detection and vulnerability management and stop malware propagation.

  • To what extent may you benefit from the advantages of a holistic ZERO TRUST approach?
  • How to provide Users with application-only access, not network access?
  • How to put identity, authentication and authorization in place before providing access?
  • How to support integration with security information and event management (SIEM) and Orchestration through RESTful APIs?
  • Why should you implement a strategic security framework to address distinct challenges as soon as possible?

Answers to these and your questions in ourĀ COMPUTERWOCHE Audio Webcast in collaboration with Akamai!

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Richard Meeus
EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy
Akamai Technologies
Andy Crail
Head of Solution Engineering Enterprise Security
Akamai Technologies
Detlef Korus
Moderator and Freelance Editor

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