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Native, Managed SASE brings scalability and flexibility

Case Study: Company integrates 25 companies in 5 years

Internationally positioned and fast-growing companies need one thing above all else these days: A high-performance and very secure network. Because in the digital world, networks have become an important enabler of efficient business processes and innovative business models.

The challenge here, however, is that many companies are juggling many solutions and providers, and using outdated MPLS-connections. This limits their efficiency and flexibility, increases costs, and compromises security.

Find out more in our webcast with Open Systems:

  • How Open Systems SASE Experience replaces legacy MPLS in a specialty chemicals company with subsidiaries in 100 countries,
  • how the company now has as a single point of contact for operations, security, and management of global WAN,
  • why the manufacturer also has reduced its costs, when getting rid of old MPLS lines and
  • how they reduced complexity and cyber risk while simultaneously boosting the quality of global network integration.

Cécile Lüssi, VP of Customer Success with Open Systems, explains what the manufacturing company has achieved with their new SASE Experience

Sven Hansel
Freelance Journalist

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Cécile Lüssi
VP Customer Success
Open Systems
Sven Hansel
Moderator and Freelance Journalist

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