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A CMS born in the cloud

Insights from Bertrand de Coatpont and Nikolay Bakaltchev

Content is still King. Companies and organizations must enable the creation of consistent and fluid personalized experiences at local, regional, or even global scale. Often with hundreds or even thousands of websites or mobile apps, delivering fully personalized and localized content and experiences in dozens of languages.

But the ultimate challenge is, that here is an exploding demand for these types of new content. Also, for new and emerging channels like social and for widely varying device formats – from mobile phones, tablets, PCs and even to large scale billboards.

Learn in our webcast in cooperation with Adobe among other things:

  • how Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is delivering hundreds of millions of web pages per day on behalf of our customers
  • how website visitors and Single Page Application users alike are getting highly personalized, content-rich experiences faster and more reliably today.
  • how this works on reliable always-on cloud-native infrastructure.
  • why this solution enables rapid content creation with ease, aided by Artificial Intelligence. That means innovation from design to go-live to be delivered at warp speed.
  • how this tool offers validated and proven security testing and fast-loading cloud-native performance testing.

Find out more in the COMPUTERWOCHE webcast with Adobe Switzerland on 26 May at 11:00 a.m.

Nikolay Bakaltchev, Senior GTM Lead AEM with Adobe in Zurich, shows the benefits for companies and organizations, establishing a digital foundation

Bertrand de Coatpont, Director Product Management for AEM at Adobe in Basel, shows many practical examples of how companies can spread out their content in a future-proof way and inspire customers.


Sven Hansel, Freelance Journalist with COMPUTERWOCHE

We look forward to your participation!


COMPUTERWOCHE Webcast in Zusammenarbeit mit:


Nikolay Bakaltchev
Senior GTM Lead AEM/Adobe Experience Cloud CHATEE
Adobe Systems
Bertrand de Coatpont
Director Product Management for AEM
Sven Hansel
Moderator and Freelance Journalist

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